My name is Angela Stevens and I’m the creator of Outdoor Play Project, your one-stop site for all your play area ideas, play area product reviews, and a place to help you build a safe play area for your kids.

As a mom of two kids, I was always worried about letting them play outside primarily because I wasn’t really sure about their security

I wanted to give my kids the gift of a safe play area with a great design where they could go play, explore, and have fun

However, I had a hard time designing a great looking play area that also fit my backyard design

On top of that, I wasn’t really sure about the safety of the play area equipment that was being recommended to me.

Along the way, I discovered so many play area ideas, designs, and products that I actually used to create an awesome play area for my kids

My goal for this site is to share what i’ve learned along the way so you find it easier than I did to create a safe, fun outdoor play area for your kids.

Hopefully, you’ll gain some inspiration from my experience that will help you come up with an awesome play area that will actually tempt your kids to go outside and play rather than playing video games all day long!