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potty training tips and tricks

The Best Potty Training Tips And Tricks (With Special Bonus Inside)

Are you looking for a blog post that’ll give you all the best potty training tips and tricks that you’ll ever need? Then you’ve come to the right place. I’m going to share with you actual potty training tips and tricks that I’ve used to potty train my toddlers. Every parent will tell you that …

Toddler Daily Schedule

Toddler Daily Schedule: Things Your Toddler Should Do Every Day

I have a toddler at home and for me, it’s important to incorporate a fun toddler daily schedule that involves small tasks here and there that she can easily do every day. These are simple tasks that most of the time, I don’t even need to remind her about. In fact, they’ve become part of …

summer activities for teens

7 Of The Best Summer Activities For Teens During Covid

How do I keep my teenager occupied in the summer? In this post, I’m going to share some fun summer activities for teens that will ward off the boredom and keep your teenager active and entertained all summer long! These are summer activities for teens during covid because this year, the summer holiday will be …

how to make your backyard more fun

How Do I Make My Backyard Fun For The Kids?

It’s summertime! It’s time to encourage the kids to be outside enjoying the weather instead of being cooped up inside all day stuck to their screens. Having an awesome backyard will definitely encourage the kids to go outside and play. It’s actually very easy to make your backyard more fun for kids. All you need …

how to set up natural play spaces

How to Set Up Natural Play Spaces in Your Back Yard

I really appreciate the importance of outdoor play for my kids and that’s why I’m always encouraging them to go play and explore outside. Recently, I’ve been thinking about how I can utilize the natural environment in my backyard to create an awesome outdoor play area. I wanted my children’s play environment to be more …

free online games for kids

Free Online Games For Toddlers To Keep Them Entertained (At Home)

Because of the Coronavirus, parents have had to be creative in finding fun activities to keep the kids entertained at home. Children, especially toddlers, have a very short attention span so it can be very challenging to find an activity that can capture their attention for some time. Right now, our children need fun activities …

indoor obstacle course for kids

Simple Guide To Creating An Indoor Obstacle Course For Kids

Being a parent is not easy. It takes a lot of work to keep the kids entertained especially now that we’re all stuck indoors due to the Coronavirus. Personally, I’m still struggling to find fun activities for the entire family to enjoy. However, a friend of mine suggested that I build an indoor obstacle course …

fun family activities to do at home

14 Fun Family Activities to Do at Home During Lockdown

During this lockdown period, I realized that there are a ton of fun activities you can do at home with the family rather than watching TV all day. Because of family activities, we’ve been able to bond and spend quality time together. The kids also haven’t been glued to their screens the entire time so …