Because of the Coronavirus, parents have had to be creative in finding fun activities to keep the kids entertained at home.

Children, especially toddlers, have a very short attention span so it can be very challenging to find an activity that can capture their attention for some time.

Right now, our children need fun activities and games that inspire learning through play.

I’ve found that there are many online resources that do just that!

In this post, I’ve rounded up some fun, free and educational online games for toddlers that will keep your little one busy for a while.

Free Online Games For Toddlers

1. Boris the Magician

Boris the magician helps your toddler learn some basic computer skills like clicking and directing the cursor.

That’s because your toddler needs to click on the boxes to see Boris’s next trick.

There’s no better way to nurture your toddler’s computer skills than by watching this adorable magic show!

2. Counting Pizza Party

The Counting Pizza Party is a game that reinforces your kid’s counting skills.

Every time a ‘customer’ makes an order, it’s up to your kid to make the pizza.

Your little gets to select the toppings and he/she makes sure that the correct amount of toppings are put on the pizza.

In the process his counting skills improve immensely.

3. Learning the Shapes

The animated shape characters in this game help your child learn all about basic shapes like a square, rectangle, triangle, circle, oval, heart, and star.

In this game, children match and recognize shapes before moving on to a coloring exercise.

By the end, they’ll be able to distinguish between different shapes.

4. Alphabet BINGO

If you want to make the process of learning the alphabet more enjoyable for your little one then you should definitely use the Alphabet BINGO game.

In this game, kids listen to animated characters as they say a letter, and click on the corresponding letter in the grid.

5. Mr. Nose-It-All

The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology created this game to help kids to understand allergies from a young age.

This game is particularly important for young ones who suffer from different allergies because it can help them understand and identify their allergy and symptoms through play.

6. Balls and Boxes

In this game, the balls jump out of boxes, and it’s the player’s job to drag them back to where they belong.

Your child will learn concentration and coordination with Balls and Boxes .

7. Animals and their Babies

In this game, your little one has to reunite different animals with their babies by following sun and cloud clues. 

Animals and their Babies  helps your toddler learn about their favorite animals and their offspring.

8. Create Mosaics

Create Mosaics will help your toddler learn his colors.

At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see a complete grid comprised of around four and six different colors.

It’s your toddler’s job to handle the large blank grid in the center of the screen by filling it in with the correct colors so it matches the original image.

Your little one will see a check button if he completes the mosaic correctly. 

9. Scribbles And Ink

Scribbles and Ink is a game based on the children’s book series by Ethan Long that incorporates children’s drawings straight into the storyline.

It’s a super fun game that will intrigue your toddler for hours!

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