During this lockdown period, I realized that there are a ton of fun activities you can do at home with the family rather than watching TV all day.

Because of family activities, we’ve been able to bond and spend quality time together.

The kids also haven’t been glued to their screens the entire time so I count that as a win.

Overall, the lockdown has been a great teacher for us because we’ve learned so much about each other over the past several weeks.

Together, we discovered fun family activities to do at home and that’s how we’ve endured being stuck at home all day.

In this post, I’m going to share with you all the activities we’ve been enjoying together as a family and hopefully, you can draw inspiration from that.

Let’s begin!

fun family activities to do at home

Fun Family Activities to Do at Home

1. Host a Tournament

My family is very competitive by nature.

We all love playing games and winning.

So we decided to host an indoor family tournament where we chose teams and each team competed in a series of contests.

The winner in each contest won a prize.

The prizes included simple things like choosing the movie for the next family movie night.

2. Plan A Treasure Hunt

My kids cannot resist a good treasure hunt!

So John and I created a simple map giving directions to different ‘treasures’ hidden around the house and the kids set out to look for them.

It was so much fun seeing the kids try to interpret the ‘treasure map’.

I also loved seeing the kids’ eyes light up every time they found a ‘treasure’ we had left for them.

3. Set Up A Camp Inside

My kids love camping.

However, camping is typically an outdoor activity and since we could not go outside, we decided to do it indoors.

So, we set up a makeshift camp in the living room complete with a tent, blankets and food that I had prepared earlier in the day.

We tried to make our camp as close as possible to the real thing and it actually worked out!

4. Conduct A Science Experiment

As a child, I loved science and I still do to this day!

My dream was always for my kids to follow in my footsteps so since we were stuck at home all day, I saw it as an opportunity to instill the love of science in them.

I had a lot of fun helping the kids set up simple science experiments using different household items.

If you want to do some science experiments at home, I would suggest looking at this article I wrote on 20 Easy Science Experiments To Do At Home.

5. Do Physical Exercises

Your health matters now more than ever.

You need constant exercise to keep healthy at home and you shouldn’t use the lockdown as an excuse not to work out.

You can make physical exercise a family affair where you involve everyone in daily physical exercises.

My kids love the daily physical exercises we do at home because they’re a fun way to expel some of the excess energy that builds up when you’re stuck indoors all day.

6. Bowling

You can create a makeshift bowling alley in your house.

Simply find a spacious room with few obstacles and use a semi-heavy ball as a bowling ball and bottles as pins.  

To make it more interesting, you can create a bowling tournament where you compete against each other

7. Cook together

There’s nothing more special than preparing a meal together as a family.

These days, instead of cooking alone in the kitchen, I invite John and the kids over to help me out.

My kids love helping out in any way they can so I try to delegate some simple tasks that they can easily do.

John, on the other hand, is not very gifted in the kitchen 😂so I give him simple tasks like shredding the lettuce or washing the dirty dishes.

When the cooking is done, we set the table together before sitting down to eat.

fun family activities to do at home

8. Have an Indoor Picnic

You do not have to be outside to enjoy a lovely picnic with your family.

With this lockdown, I’ve come to realize that there are so many outdoor activities that can be brought inside.

One of them is having a picnic.

To organize a picnic indoors, you have to prepare things as you would in a traditional picnic setting.

For our picnics, I always prepare sandwiches, sausage rolls, potato salad and cheesecakes.

9. Read Together

Research some kid friendly books that you can read together as a family.

And if you can, try to act out the characters as you’re reading as this will create a vivid image in the kids’ minds.

10. Play Cards

Now is the perfect time to teach the kids classic card games like gin rummy, hearts, or Uno. Teach them about the rules of the game and after some practice, you’ll notice that they start to enjoy it.

11. Karaoke

You don’t have to be a great singer to enjoy karaoke.

I know this to be true because I can’t sing to save my life but karaoke is one of my favorite pass time activities.

I’m grateful for John and the kids because they always try to endure my singing 😂

If you have a karaoke machine at home, you can use it to chase away the boredom with the whole fam.

12. Play A Board Game

There are some classic board games like monopoly and snakes N ladders which serve as great entertainment for the entire family.

If it’s the kids’ first time playing these games, you can spend time teaching them everything they need to know.

Alternatively, you can choose a newer board game and spend time learning the game together.

13. Plan Your Next Getaway

It’s always great to be optimistic about the future.

Things will eventually get back to normal and we’ll be able to do the activities we want like taking a road trip, for example.

Sit down together, and let everyone choose their dream destination for when the pandemic is finally over.

You might not be able to visit all those places but at least it’ll give you something to daydream about.

14. Sort Through Old Stuff

Go through some of your old stuff as a family and pick out the things that you can donate to charity.

You’ll find that as you scour the entire house for old items, you’ll discover some precious mementos that’ll bring back old memories.

For us, we found some old pictures taken almost 10 years ago before the kids were born.

Naturally, the kids were curious so we ended up having a storytelling session where we explained to the kids what was happening in those pictures.


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