Being a parent is not easy.

It takes a lot of work to keep the kids entertained especially now that we’re all stuck indoors due to the Coronavirus.

Personally, I’m still struggling to find fun activities for the entire family to enjoy.

However, a friend of mine suggested that I build an indoor obstacle course for the kids which would help them burn off some of the excess energy they’ve built up by staying indoors.

Building an indoor obstacle course for kids is a great idea because it can provide hours of endless fun so you don’t have to be constantly looking for fun activities for the kids to enjoy.

An indoor obstacle course isn’t as difficult to construct as you may think.

You’ll only need a few items in the house and a little bit of creativity to make it happen.

Safety Comes First

As you design your obstacle course, safety should be your number one priority.

Remember, the kids will be engaged in a highly physical activity so chances are that they may get injured in the process.

It’s your responsibility to ensure that your indoor obstacle course is as safe as possible.

Remove all safety hazards like sharp objects, breakable items, and try to use as many blankets and cushions as possible to minimize the pain if they happen to take a tumble.

Pick An Open Space

Choose a room in the house that does not have too many things.

For example, you can use a spare room (if you have one).

You can even use your living room provided you move some stuff around to create space.

Gather All Your Supplies

What are you going to use for your obstacle course?

The most common items include; blankets, cushions, chairs, flashcards, kitchen tongs, empty paper towel rolls, jump rope, pillows. painter tape, hula hoop, towels, a kitchen spoon or ladle, a bucket etc.

You don’t have to use all these items so you can pick the ones you want.

Create Your Obstacles

1. Tunnel

You cannot build an obstacle course without including tunnels.

It’s very easy to create a tunnel. Simply have the kids crawl under a row of chairs and that’s it!

2. Hula Hoop

Let the kids jump into and out of a Hula-Hoop five times.

3. Army Crawl

Once they’re done jumping, let them do an army crawl to their next obstacle. (You want to fit in as many physical activities as possible.)

4. Balance Beam

A balance board will be enough to test the kids’ balance but if you don’t have one, you can use a strip of painter’s tape where they take heel-to-toe steps in a straight line.

5. Jump Rope

Once they’re done with the balance beam, let them jump rope 5 times before moving to the next obstacle.

6. Ball pits

Add this tossing activity in your obstacle course to improve the kids’ hand-eye coordination. Line up a laundry basket a few steps away and get the kids to throw balls into the basket.

You can use a timer here to make things more interesting.

7. Somersault

Once they’re done with the ball pits, have them somersault to the next obstacle. (make sure there are no barriers in the way that will cause injury)

8. Limbo

Drape a sheet (or tie a string) between two chairs, where your child has to crawl under or limbo under.

9. The Floor Is Hot Lava

Line up the pillows and cushions on the floor and have kids hop from one to the next while avoiding the floor which is “hot lava”

10. Create A Mountain

Pile up a couple of pillows to create a mountain and have the kids climb over it

Bottom Line

There are so many ideas for creating an indoor obstacle course that you can use.

However, when all is said and done, you need to create an obstacle course that is the right fit for your child.

Take into consideration what he or she loves doing and try to incorporate it into the obstacle course.

This will make it more fun and engaging!

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