Ready to make your yard more kid friendly? In this post, we’ve got some great kid friendly backyard ideas that you can make happen on a budget! These creative ideas will keep your kids active and entertained throughout the summer.

1.Build an outdoor chalkboard.

The folks at Tiny Sidekick provide a fun tutorial video so you can create and make your own outdoor chalkboard. If you follow the step by step tutorial with pictures, you’ll find that this kid friendly backyard design idea is really simple to make!

kid friendly backyard ideas on a budget

2. backyard balance beam

In lieu of preschool share how they made a marvelous yet simple kid friendly backyard design using a balance beam! Their step by step tutorial should guide you on how to create an awesome design that will keep your kids active and entertained!

kid friendly backyard ideas

3.Backyard Race Track

Do your kids love racing cars? If they do, this tutorial explains how you can make your own backyard race track for your kids and neighborhood kids to enjoy. This kid friendly backyard idea is awesome for when you’ve run out of ways to keep the kids entertained.

kid friendly backyard ideas

4.Put a Slackline in your Backyard

This creative design is great for kids but it can also be used by teens and adults. Apart from bringing fun and entertainment, this kid friendly backyard design also helps with building the balance and core strength so it’s a great option for exercise.

kid friendly small backyard designs

5.Turn a Skateboard into a Swing

If you have an old skateboard lying around in the garage, bring it out and make an awesome diy kid friendly design that your kids will FLIP over! Little Bit Funky shares how you can create this awesome design.

diy kid friendly backyard ideas

6.Make your own tetherball game

Simply + Kierste share instructions on how to make an awesome tetherball game that will add fun and laughter to your backyard. It looks fantastic and your kids are guaranteed to love it!

How to make a tetherball game on a budget

7. Turn an old tire into a rocking seesaw

Did you know that you can make an awesome kid friendly design using the old tyres that you have in your backyard? It’s a very simple design that only takes a bit of work to accomplish. Boyle shares the step by step instructions to help you come up with a design like this one.

kid friendly backyard ideas pinterest

8. Build a giant outdoor balance scale

Suzy Homeschooler  provides an easy step by step tutorial that shows how you can also come up with this awesome kid friendly backyard idea for your kids.

kid friendly small backyard design

9.  Make a Portable Tent

Make a portable tent that you can set up anywhere in your backyard.

kid friendly backyard ideas pinterest

10. Hang Up a Fun Hangout Pod

Hang up a fun hangout pod for the kids to relax, play or read in while enjoying fresh air. These are fun for all ages! It makes me want to curl up with a good book!

kid friendly small backyard ideas

Take Away

So there you have it, the best kid friendly backyard ideas that you can achieve on a budget! I hope this post inspired you to come up with your own diy kid friendly backyard ideas.

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