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10 Easy DIY Crafts For Kids That Will Get You Through Quarantine

DIY crafts are definitely one of the top 10 things you should be doing when you have your kids with you at home all day. They’re a temporary distraction for your kids so they don’t focus on being indoors. I recently found these awesome diy crafts for kids and I’ve been using them successfully in …

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33 Unique Easter Games Your Kids Will Love (That Never Get Old)

There are numerous easter games for kids that you and your family can enjoy this Easter holiday. This Easter, you have the opportunity to come up with unique Easter games that your kids will want to play year after year. However, this year with the Coronavirus pandemic, many of us will not be having outdoor …

fun indoor games for the coronavirus outbreak quarantine
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Coronavirus Outbreak: Top 20 Fun Indoor Games To Play During Quarantine

Now that we’re all going to be cooped up at home with our kids for the foreseeable future thanks to the Coronavirus outbreak, it’s time to look for something to pass the time. As for me, I have included playtime as part of my children’s’ daily routine and they love it. You have to remember …

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Coronavirus Outbreak: How To Entertain Your Kids During a Quarantine

Like millions of kids around the world, my kids are at home because of the recent Coronavirus outbreak. Although I’m glad to have them safe at home, it is getting difficult to keep them entertained and active and I’m quickly running out of ideas! Like most parents, I typically rely on daycare and other social …

is backyard camping safe
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Is Backyard Camping Safe For You and Your Kids? Read This Before Camping

Going camping doesn’t mean taking a long trip to a camping site or a national park. You can create a perfectly good camping site in your backyard. Americans love camping because its very affordable plus, it brings you much closer to nature. This is why over 41 million people participate in this recreational activity and this …

building an outdoor play area
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10 Things You Should Consider Before Building an Outdoor Play Area

There are so many things that go into building an outdoor play area and I’m not gonna lie, it’s not easy. However, it is worth it because you get to see your kids explore, build, create, and generally enjoy the outdoors. In this post, we’re going to be looking at some key factors that every …

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11 Ideas For Children Outdoor Play Area That Will Transform Your Backyard into a Playtime Paradise

Spending some time outdoors enjoying the fresh air is a necessary element of your child’s growth. However, the truth is that getting your kids away from electronic devices is not easy and therefore, you need to create an awesome outdoor play area that will tempt them to go exploring outside. Below are 11 ideas for …

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10 Awesome Kid Friendly Backyard Ideas on a Budget

Ready to make your yard more kid friendly? In this post, we’ve got some great kid friendly backyard ideas that you can make happen on a budget! These creative ideas will keep your kids active and entertained throughout the summer. 1.Build an outdoor chalkboard. The folks at Tiny Sidekick provide a fun tutorial video so …