It’s no secret that kids need to be active in order to expel the excess energy that they have.

Since we’re stuck at home with our kids all day right now, we have to come up with fun physical activities for our kids that will help them not only physically but also mentally.

You need to remember that kids have a very short attention span. This means that getting your little ones to ‘work out’ isn’t easy!

That’s why whatever exercise you introduce to them has to be fun, creative and engaging

In this post, we did some research to find some fun indoor physical activities for kids that they will enjoy.

Read on!

Fun Physical Activities For Kids

1. Have A Dance Party

Kill the lights, turn on some fun lighting for ambiance, put on your favorite tunes and let your kids show you their best dance moves. For extra fun, have a little competition to determine the best dancer in the group!

2. Egg and Spoon

This is a great hand-eye coordination game that packs in a lot of physical activity.

Give the kids a spoon and have them balance a hard-boiled egg (You can also use a plastic egg). The goal here is not to drop the egg as you’re moving from point A to point B.

3. Yoga

My kids love watching me do Yoga so I thought this would be a great physical activity to do with them. Surprisingly, they were quick to learn most of the Yoga movements so it worked out perfectly.

physical activity for kids

4. Play follow the leader

This is a classic game that involves a lot of physical activity from jumping, hopping, to crawling. Let the kids take turns being the leader and encourage them to perform various activities as they’re playing.

5. Hide and Seek

A simple game of hide and seek also incorporates physical activity because it involves a lot of agility. The kids will have so much fun running around looking for good locations inside the house to hide.

physical activities for kids

6. Sock skating

Let the kids put on their socks and take turns sliding around on hard surfaces inside the house. However, please ensure that there are no obstacles in the way that can cause the kids any harm.

7. Have pillow fight

Every little kid wants to have a pillow fight because it’s so much fun! Pillow fights can get messy but it’s a great way to get the kids active and moving. If you don’t want the mess, use a pillow that doesn’t have feathers.

8. Create an Obstacle Course

You can create an awesome indoor obstacle course and add various physical and mental challenges that your kids will have fun completing.

Here’s a video showing an indoor obstacle course:

9. Jump Rope

Create some space in your living room where your kids can safely jump rope. Your kids will get a lot of exercise by jumping rope and they’ll have fun doing it!

Or just jump

physical activities for toddlers

10. Simon/Simone Says

The options for movement are endless with this game. The rules are very simple and easy to follow. Whatever Simon says, you do. So for example, Simon can have the kids jumping around on one foot, jumping like a Kangaroo etc.

11. Pushover Parents

It’s very simple, stand firmly on the ground and see if your kids can push you over! As the kids are trying to push you over, they’re using a lot of energy which is great.

This game is especially great if you have little kids otherwise you won’t stand a chance! You’ll be pushed over in no time

12. Hopscotch

Hopscotch is a game that can be played indoors or outdoors. It really doesn’t matter.

When you’re indoors, you can use a painter’s tape to pattern your own board on the floor and instead of rocks, you can use rolled up socks or bean bags. All the hopping and throwing will give your kids all the exercise they need!

13. Clean-up race

This is a fun exercise that not only benefits your kids but also your house. Set a timer to see who can clean up a room the fastest. The cleanup race makes cleaning fun for the kids and on top of that, they get much-needed exercise. So it’s a win-win situation for everyone!

14. Long Jump

Do you want to find out just how far can your child jump? Challenge them with a fun indoor game of long jump  

15. Jumping jacks

This one is pretty much self-explanatory.

16. Scavenger hunt

Hide things all over the house and have kids race to find each clue. Incorporate clues like “Do a funny dance” to add in more physical activity in the game.

17. Catch

Depending on your child’s level of skill, you can throw a ball or a balloon for them to catch. If your child is new to this, stand close to them as they master the skill of catching.

18.Wheelbarrow, crab, and bear-walk races

These races include getting in tough positions that will have the whole family giggling uncontrollably. Have the kids wheelbarrow from one point of the room to another until they’ve had enough.

Other fun physical activities for kids

19. Go for a walk indoors

20. Go on an ABC treasure hunt. Go around the house searching for items that begin with each letter of the alphabet.

21. Stretch your bodies to relaxing and smooth music.

22. Practice hopping skills. Hop on each foot and count.

23. Movement charades. Have fun acting out different movements with the kids.

24. Read a book and act out the story.

25. Spread out washcloths and try to move around stepping only on the washcloths.

26. Make paper airplanes, throw them, then run, skip, hop, or gallop to retrieve them.

27. Walk around while acting out different emotions–happy, sad, shy, mad.

28. Go on an imaginary walking trip

29. Kick a balled up pair of socks from room to room.


Now that you have these fun exercise ideas, try incorporating them into your child’s daily routine. Encourage them to keep active as this will be good for both their physical and mental health.

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