Everything has been shut down because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

This means that summer vacation will be completely different this year than what we’re used to.

We won’t be able to go to the beach, visit parks, go on road trips or take the kids to summer camp.

The only option left is to have summer in our backyards or in the house.

In today’s post, I’m going to give you some great ideas for summer activities for kids to do at home that are both cheap and fun.

Remember that you do not have to spend tons of money to entertain the kids during summer.

A simple activity with items you already have at home will do the trick!

This list has 100+ activities meant to last the whole of summer.

You can pick an activity to do each day so the kids don’t get bored doing the same things every day.

Ok, let’s begin.


1.  Hide “treasure” and then make clues for someone to find it.

2. Put on a magic show.

3. Set up a backyard obstacle course. Like this one from Frugal Fun 4 Boys.

4. Hold an indoor/outdoor scavenger hunt.  (Free Printable From Buggy and Buddy)

5. Use masking tape to create roads on the floor.

6. Have a creating contest with playdough.

7. Do fun science experiments.

8. Set up a muddy car wash like this one from Happy Hooligans.

9. Hold a backyard art party like this one from Happy Hooligans.

10. Set up indoor bowling with water bottles and a ball.

11. Work on a puzzle

12. Hold a picnic in the backyard or create a space in the house and have the picnic.

13. Watch family movies.

14. Play dress-up

15. Create your own summer Olympics games.

16. Make homemade pizza using THIS recipe.

17. Set up a backyard waterslide.

18. Collect different leaves from the backyard

19. See how high you can stack plastic cups.

20. Write letters to loved ones

21. Make frozen paint cubes.

22. Have a dance party

23. Go on an ABC treasure hunt. Go around the house searching for items that begin with each letter of the alphabet.

24. Read a book and act out the story.

25. Movement charades. Have fun acting out different movements with the kids.

26. Spread out washcloths and try to move around stepping only on the washcloths.

27. Make a toy car wash with a little water in a bin and wash your toys.

28. Make your own kite and try to fly it.

29. Make paper airplanes, throw them, then run, skip, hop, or gallop to retrieve them.

30. Build a giant fort in the living room

31. Create a summer home video

32. Do chores together

33. Make puppets out of brown paper bags.

34. Fill the bucket relay race.

35. Make a homemade water wall

36. Make melted art

37. Water all the plants in the garden

38. Try a new cookie recipe every day

39. Have a jenga contest

40. Make binoculars and go on a nature hunt.

41. Hold wheelbarrow, crab, and bear-walk races

42. Camp indoors

43. Set up a simple balance beam in your outdoor play area.

44. Create a nature collage from findings in the yard and garden.

45. Write and illustrate a comic book.

46. Play Duck Duck Goose.

47. Skype or FaceTime with loved ones.

48. Paint each others’ faces using washable paint

49. Have a lego building contest.

50. Take pictures of different things in the house

51. Create a photo album with the pictures you took.

52. Thread macaroni on yarn to make a necklace then paint it.

53. Draw chalk outlines of each other, then color them in.

54. Use a long piece of aluminum foil to make a river.

55. Play with toys in the tub or sink

56. Sort all the toys by color

57. Have a spelling contest

58. Use a piece of cardboard to make a ramp to race cars down.

59. Build a tent with blankets.

60. Make popsicle stick dolls. 

61. Turn a cardboard box into a construction site small world. 

62. Paint smooth rocks

63. Listen to songs and sing along

64.Roast marshmallows in your backyard

65. Have a water gun battle

67. Play backyard Yahtzee with giant dice and a bucket.

68. Play water balloon baseball.

69. Sit on the ground and identify the shapes of the clouds.

70. Make your own tire swing.

71. Create your own backyard splash pad!

72. Make goop.

73. Play with soap foam.

74. Make homemade slime

75. Make homemade play dough.

76. Make homemade ice cream.

77. Paint with bubbles

78. Make a bird feeder.

79. Watch a movie in your backyard.

80.Hunt for bugs

81. Tie dye a piece of clothing.

82. Draw a giant hopscotch on the driveway with chalk.

83. Play toilet tag or TV tag.

84. Color or paint paper doilies from the dollar store.

85. Draw a target on the driveway and toss balls/sponges at it.

86. Create a Summer Scrapbook  to document everything you’re doing

87. Make slushies or snowcones.

88. Play with a shaving cream sensory bin.

89. Play two square or four square. Draw squares w/chalk.

90. Make marshmallow launchers / marshmallow catapults.

91. Make your own homemade bouncy balls.

92. Try squirt painting with water-guns.

93. Make cereal box self-portraits.

94. Set up a lemonade stand!

95. Make homemade butter.

96. Play hide and seek

97.Create a laser maze

98. Make a pet jellyfish in a jar.

99. Play frisbee and kickball.

100. Make a ring toss game out of paper plates.

101.Make boats and float them in the pool or tub

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