I have a toddler at home and for me, it’s important to incorporate a fun toddler daily schedule that involves small tasks here and there that she can easily do every day.

These are simple tasks that most of the time, I don’t even need to remind her about. In fact, they’ve become part of her daily routine.

Toddler Daily Schedule

Importance of Routines For Toddlers

Creating a daily schedule for my toddler has taught me the importance of having a routine.

It’s important for toddlers to have a routine because it establishes healthy habits. When a toddler does an activity like brushing her teeth or making her bed every day, it becomes a habit that she will probably nurture for the rest of her life.

As parents, that is the end goal. We want our little ones to grow up to become healthy and independent individuals who can make a positive contribution to society and it all starts with simple activities that form part of their daily schedule.

That being said, what are some toddler activities your little one should do every day?

Things Your Toddler Should Do Every Day

1. Brush Her Teeth

As part of her toddler daily schedule, your little one should brush her teeth after every meal. It is essential for your toddler to learn the importance of brushing her teeth from an early age so that it becomes a habit.

Ideally, you should supervise her when she’s brushing her teeth so you can show her the correct way of doing it.

2. Get Exercise

Right now, we cannot go to the playground to exercise because of Covid but we can still find ways to do some physical exercises at home with our little ones.

If you want some ideas for exercise, check out this post: 18 Mind-Blowing Physical Activities For Kids To Enjoy Indoors

3. Wash Her Hands

From an early age, it’s important to nurture hygienic habits in your toddler and one of the most important ones is hand washing. Right now, hand washing has become an important tool in fighting the pandemic.

However, so many people both children and adults are struggling with a simple task as washing hands because they’re just not used to it. Your toddler needs to learn the correct way of washing her hands so that she gets accustomed to it.

Toddler Daily Schedule

4. Put Her Toys Away

Toddlers are very messy when it comes to their toys and they tend to leave them in the weirdest of places. One of my pet peeves is seeing toys spewed out everywhere and so I always try to encourage my toddler to put away her toys once she’s done playing.

5. Read

It’s never too early for your toddler to get into reading. That’s the reason why I have included reading as part of her daily schedule. Every day, we spend time reading together and it’s become a fun tradition for us.

printable toddler daily schedule

6. Help Around The House

There are some simple things that your toddler can do to help around the house. For example, she can start making her own bed. It doesn’t have to be perfectly made but it should be a part of her daily schedule to make her bed in the morning so she can gain a sense of responsibility.

My toddler actually makes her bed without me even asking and she’s getting better at it every day!


Basically, these are the 6 activities that make up most of my toddler’s daily schedule. I would love to hear more suggestions for toddler activities from you.

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